At Town Halls Across the Nation, Constituents Show Discontent

Audience members react as Rod Blum, R-Iowa, speaks during a town hall meeting on Thursday, May 11, 2017, in Marshalltown, Iowa.

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With Congress in recess this week, even a couple of Republican lawmakers have been traveling back into their districts to discover a not so hot welcome. At city halls across the country, House representatives are trying to describe and defend their votes on the American Health Care Act. In return, constituents are currently showing up en masse, revealing precisely how mad they are.

Three reporters who attended town halls join The Takeaway to discuss voters and lawmakers are currently still interacting.  

John O’Connor, Washington Correspondent for WNYC, attended New Jersey Representative Tom MacArthur’s marathon town hall on Wednesday night.

Katarina Sostaric, Eastern Iowa writer for Iowa Public Radio, was at Representative Rod Blum’s town hall in Iowa on Tuesday.

And Frankie Barnhill, reporter for Boise State Public Radio, has been following Representative Raul Labrador’s looks in Idaho.