That summer Town mulls a Caribbean street fair

April 26, 2018

JACKSON HOLE, WYO — Town officials have been currently toying with the concept of closing off roads around the Town Square during some of their busiest tourist-season months to market a more outdoor market vibe.

The Town Square Pedestrian Zone Pilot Project for summer 2018 was discussed this afternoon following the idea came up throughout the city’s retreat again in February.

The idea of what could basically function as a Farmers Market on steroids is known by town leaders as a form of “placemaking”–describing a collaborative process of collectively reimagining and activating public spaces for individuals, and shaping the public domain to be able to maximize shared price.

That’s a mouthful simply recognizing that Town Square is Jackson’s important tourism draw and could be described as the “center of the center of town.” As such, the region is treasured for scale its architecture, and general personality.

The vision for town square is addressed in the 2012 Comprehensive Plan, identifying downtown as…”the historical centre of Jackson Hole and the central gathering space for visitors and residents alike… plays an important part in specifying our community’s western heritage and total community identity.”

The Comp Plan concerning Town Square functioning in an manner’s aims include:

  • Possess visitors and residents go to the area more often and stay longer, increasing the vitality of the area and encouraging the local market.
  • Create great public spaces and amenities for visitors and residents alike.
  • Produce a positive visitor experience that affirms our neighborhood market [and] continues the tradition of the Town Square as the gathering place for our community.
  • Host various events and community celebrations for visitors and residents.
  • Encourage the temporary closure of roads, parking lots, parks and other public spaces to encourage such events.
  • The neighborhood should consider the temporary and permanent closure of some roads to vehicles in order to create a lively pedestrian environment.

Tapping into this having a walkable and lively atmosphere might have advantages for many including business about additional retailers the square and nonprofits Searching for an enhanced presence, as well as providing local experience and a value-added visitor that could include amenities like:

  • Café tables and seats
  • Planters with flowers, shrubs, small trees
  • Public art
  • Bike racks, parklets
  • Food trucks or tents
  • Small library

As well as actions that keep people participated like:

  • Music entertainment (both informal and scheduled performances)
  • Entertainment for children (and adults) like face painting
  • Games
    Farmer’s or People’s Economy
  • Dance, plays, or other performances
  • crafts and crafts actions
  • Old activities
  • Shootout

Pathways director Brian Schilling suggested a minimum trial period of nine days, up to some period. He suggested August or July at the time.

Public comments

Public comment included reactions from three business on the square.

Greg Fulton, owner of Astoria Fine Art, said his business is on the lines of what was being suggested. He predicted the “trial and error” pilot project “too speculative.”

“Parking is already a known issue and these are the top paring spaces in the city,” Fulton said concerning some 50 parking spaces that could be eliminated by the closure of Center and Deloney, ” for instance. “I wonder if this is even worth attempting.”

Director of operations at Mountain Trails Gallery, David Navaratil echoed concerns about parking although he admitted that gang had concerns that were unique because they have their own good deal. He said parking poaching and egress headaches caused by events like the Shootout.

“The number 1 issue downtown is parking, parking, and parking,” he explained. “I have important clients that tell me that they will not come downtown in the summer because of the shortage of parking.”

Even Jim Darwiche, who is nearly the unofficial ambassador of the town square, had bookings. The businessman even started Farmers Market to boost the vibrancy of downtown’s center and owns companies on or near.

Darwiche said he has traveled the world looking to Jackson’s town square for a rival and has yet to locate one. “I have spent a life on the town square. That’s my house and now I dream about it every night,” he explained. “There are some very little things we could do to enhance it but not a lot.”

Darwiche asked the council to think about including all the “smart business people about the square who will be affected” before making any decisions.

Anna Olson, president and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, said her team has down some initial outreach to industry and would very much want to become a spouse and bridge to the business community from moving ahead to get as many of them to the table as you can.

How they voted

Councilman Don Frank appeared most worried about the job, stating he wasn’t opposed to it automatically but questioned the time (“Why could we do this during the busiest time of the year when existing companies rely upon parking to operate?” He questioned) and the finish sport (I see it as the first step to permanently shutting a couple of roads of the town square to parking,” he detected).

“If we were to think about it during the shoulder or off-season when it might help those retailers on the square, then I might be more amenable to it,” Frank explained. “But [July and August] isn’t the time to spin the room on an economic revolver to see whether this can work or not.”

Bob Lenz, a businessman himselfhad issues for local merchants who want the bills to be paid by the precious weeks of August and July.

“It might work. I really don’t know until we try it I’m prepared to try it,” Lenz explained, “but the most important thing is whether it affects [negatively] how the registers ring round the square, so it does not thrill me a lot.”

Town manager Bob McLaurin quelled some concerns by interjecting that, while the town is not a merchant per se, it is heavily dependent on sales tax revenue.

“We do not feel this could have a negative impact,” McLaurin said. “We are not here to hurt business. We are here to help business.”

Schilling agreed, “Some of the principal goals would be to increase trade in this downtown area.”

Councilman Jim Stanford alluded to many towns in Europe on a scale Jackson Hole as far. “I’m open to giving individuals more space to linger,” he explained.

Mayor Pete Muldoon had initially directed Schilling to explore August and July only because they’d be months likely to have the bodies needed downtown to gauge the impact of a street closure market-type idea. Muldoon surrendered perhaps September would work well as locals.

Muldoon desired to explore what the pilot job might bring but just if outreach was completed.

Ultimately, Frank said he’d vote to explore options but wanted it clear that he need sure exactly what the ultimate aim was.

“Placemaking may accentuate things like vibrancy but it doesn’t change the menu of services to be found on the town square,” he explained.

The council voted 4-0, with Hailey Morton Levinson absent, to teach employees to start to solve the specifics of exactly what a temporary town square pedestrian zone might look like, and to start outreach to the business community in their ideas and concerns.

Schilling agreed outreach are the portion of the process moving ahead. He recommended that the council think about having an external firm in coordinating events especially since town employees is already pushed for time during the summer months.

The Split Between America’s Prosperous Cities and Struggling Small Towns–at 20 Charts

April 23, 2018

One Nation, Divisible

The Split Between America’s Prosperous Cities and Struggling Small Towns–at 20 Charts

Approximately 1 in 7 Americans lives in rural parts of the country–1,800 counties that sit outside any metropolitan location. Most of these places had a strong social fabric functioning markets and a way of life that brought a steady stream of migrants. Many are at crisis, now. Populations are aging, even handicap is collected by more working-age adults, and trends in adolescent pregnancy and divorce are diverging to your areas. Deaths in maternity and by suicide are on the increase. Bank financing and business startups are currently falling. Here is.

City of Cape Town Vacancies

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Report: Iowa City one of Those “drunkest” cities in the Nation

April 21, 2018

A report by 24/7 Wall Street stated the city of Iowa City is among those “drunkest” from the country, but it is not a record that everybody is buying in to.

Breaking the top 20 cities, Iowa City is sold in in 13th. The report asserts that a fourth drink or of adults binge drink too at 23 percent up from the nationwide average of 18 percent. Iowa City is not the only Iowa city ranked: Dubuque is ranked 14th and Ames in 19th.

24/7 Wall Street stated it assesses self-reported data from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute in determining the record. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation identifies itself as “the nation’s biggest public health philanthropy” and states it is dedicated to improving health nationwide.

On the other hand, the high heeled is not something Angela Winnike, the Nighttime Mayor of Iowa City, thinks is an accurate depiction of the city.

“I think Iowa City has a lot more to offer than simply drinking, and that I think our community knows.   And then the more people hear stories like this, or see posts like this, it kind of feeds to this misperception of what Iowa City has to offer,” she said.

Winnike stated she considers Iowa City is not much different compared to other college towns. She believes the misperception of the city comes from prior to the 21-ordinance was put into effect in 2010, which barred people under the age of 21 from being at pubs after 10 p.m.

“It was a destination for underage drinkers and we’ve changed that and we’ve worked on this so much,” Winnike stated. “The actions downtown and the way in which they enjoy our nightlife has changed ever since we passed on the 21-ordinance.”

The University of Iowa was ranked, for several years, as among the top “party schools”, as stated by the Princeton Review. It is a culture that the university has been working to undo. Right now, the record is still made by the UI, but has fallen from the top 10 in 11.

Elizabeth Peck attended the University of Iowa and has lived in Iowa City for several years, also also she sides with Winnike on the Situation.

“I think it’s an over-exaggeration,” Peck said. “I really don’t get that vibe when I come downtown… and I have been downtown a range of times.”

A listing of 24/7 Wall Street’s record  state-by-state are available here.

PREVIEW: Luton Town v Exeter City

April 18, 2018

After heartache that is play-off season, Exeter City have become increasingly handily placed to create certain they won’t have to go through disappointment this term.

After knocking outside Carlisle over two legs before faced with Blackpool the Grecians had reached Wembley in May, they lost 2-1 to guarantee a second year in League Two.

They didn’t seem to be suffering any type of hangover recording seven wins out of their opening eight matches to turn into the season pacesetters, sitting three points clear at the top in mid-September.

A run of results followed as they gained two while the inconsistency threatened to derail Exeter’s likelihood of moving automatically, as another string of two victories out of nine followed.

Even a 2-1 home victory over Barnet seemed to have kicked back things into life though, like being defeated 2-1 at Newport County after which knocked out of the FA Cup from Premier League West Brom, Exeter have now won three in a row, watching off Coventry 1-0, triumphing 2-1 at Notts County, before beating Forest Green 2-0 on Wednesday night.

That’s set Paul Tisdale’s side back into nine off Luton, level on points with third position Notts County and the mix with 2 matches in hand.

The Grecians had a quiet transfer deadline day, although did use the loan marketplace extending Kane Wilson’s along with Kyle Edwards remains at St James’ Park in West Brom.

They did add Spurs striker Ryan Loft along with Norwich keeper Paul Jones into the playing staff, though boss Tisdale confessed to a sense of frustration at not being able to further strengthen his squad.

He told BBC Radio Devon: “We have taken the three boys loan but other than that we have missed out on several we have attempted.

“That is the way it happens sometimes, but we have got an excellent squad, and it had been simply to add something here or there.

“It’s been one of those windows where I have looked all over the area, come really close to signing one or two players, but it’s not worked out.

“But I’m philosophical about it because I think we have got a really good squad of players”

Team information: Luton may hand a debut to each of three of the newest signings, Lloyd Jones, Flynn Downes and Jake Jervis, although there are doubts over Elliot Lee (shoulder) and Johnny Mullins (back).

Danny Hylton is in fact, as is Luke Gambin, while Jordan Cook is available from his suspension closer out of their harms.

Ryan Harley is after being withdrawn at half time on Wednesday a uncertainty.

Milestones: If selected and fit, Johnny Mullins will make his 50th appearance for the club. The center half in Oxford United in the summer of 2016 and has scored three goals thus far.

Top scorers: Hatters: Danny Hylton (17). Grecians: Jayden Stockley (15).

Man at the center: Andy Woolmer – taken just 12 games thus far this term, showing 26 yellow cards and 2 reds.

Last year, had 26 games together with 58 bookings and a single dismissal, at Championship level.

It’s his Luton fixture because December 2014 when he had the draw Wycombe taking the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy property defeat to Crawley.

Refereed Luton double in the League One campaign, the home draws with Millwall and Doncaster.

Officiated Town when they a Championship side, beaten a 3-3 draw against Cardiff along with from Barnsley in 2007.

Referee’s supporters are Adam Crysell along with Michael George, together with the fourth official Alan Young.

Accountable: Paul Tisdale, 45-year-old, that came through the ranks at Southampton from the 1990s, although just made 16 appearances for the Saints, earlier charms with Northampton and Huddersfield.

Had stints with Bristol City, Exeter, FinnPa (Finland), Panionios (Greece) and Yeovil, in which injury forced him to finish his career early.

Took a coaching role with Team Bath in 2000, leaving in 2006, to eventually become Exeter boss, and has stayed at St James’ Park since.

Now the 2nd longest-serving manager in British football behind Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger.

View in the competition: Exeter boss Paul Tisdale speaking into this club’s official website: “They are high in the desk and have existed for a short time. There is a long way to go, although they have been playing well and has to be lauded for the league right now.

“We’ll be moving into the match and we have got nothing to lose really. The Forest Green match was a critical victory for us and Saturday’s match is really a bonus.

“We know they are the top team in the league but I think we need to direct ourselves to be effective at a result and that’s what we’ll be trying to do.”

One to see: Jayden Stockley. Striker has come to be a player since his loan stint at Kenilworth Road, after joining from Bournemouth in January 2015, in which he managed three goals in 13 appearances.

Had a spell at Portsmouth the campaign, scoring two in 12 matches but it had been a loan move to Exeter that watched him make an impact, together with 10 goals in 22 games in the next half of this 2015-16 campaign.

Moved to Aberdeen on a free, netting six goals in 38 matches, as he returned to Exeter at the start of this year and is the club’s top marksman, locating the net 15 times in 28 games, including eight in his past 11 games.

Friendly faces: Jack Stacey. Full back has been loaned last year from exploring in which he made 38 appearances but what a goal it had been, in the final minute of this play-off semi-final against Carlisle to seal a spot at Wembley.

Midfielder Lawson D’Ath spent a month at Exeter in the 2012-13 campaign on loan, playing eight times scoring after in a 4-1 win over Bradford.

Hatters boss Nathan Jones was Exeter with a single aim, making six appearances, on loan in the 1997-98 year.

Grecians striker Jayden Stockley had a three month loan spell at Luton involving April 2015 and January 2015, playing with 13 times and scoring three goals.

As he played five times for Luton on loan in the 2011-12 season Striker Ryan Brunt is with Exeter.

Has been with Bristol Rovers, Leyton Orient, Tranmere, York, Stevenage and Portsmouth since, before joining Exeter in summer time playing before injury struck.

Played for both: Striker Graeme Tomlinson started his career at Bradford City, making a move to Manchester United in 1994, before a host of loan spells, one which included a stint at Luton Town in the 1996 season.

He played seven times for your Hatters suffering a bad leg break from Port Vale.

Returned to Old Trafford and then headed in 1998 to Macclesfield, joining Exeter in June 2000, remaining City for two years, scoring seven times in 63 games before he headed to Stevenage.

Went in the latter stages of his playing times through the scene, looking for Bedford Dunstable, Stotfold and Town Town.

We have got form: Luton really have a nice record against Exeter at Kenilworth Road since games started in the Southern League back in 1909.

In complete, Hatters have appreciated 20 successes in their 32 matches, drawing six and losing 5, scoring 80 goals and conceding 36.

Luton win was a 6-0 thrashing back in 1923, although the Grecians did humbling their hosts.

The visitors have had the greater of games though, with two wins and a draw in the last four encounters.

Last time Hatters were held to a 1-1 draw against Exeter in their meeting at Kenilworth Road last year.

The visitors went on 59 minutes when Jake Taylor finished off an move, but Luton equalised eight minutes after Ollie Palmer crossed for Danny Hylton to head home.

Hatters: Matt Macey, Stephen O’Donnell, Jack Senior, Glen Rea, Alan Sheehan, Jonathan Smith, Jordan Cook (Olly Lee 81), Pelly-Ruddock Mpanzu, Luke Gambin (Ollie Palmer 67), Danny Hylton, Jack Marriott (Isaac Vassell 55).

Subs not used: Stuart Moore, James Justin, Akin Famewo, Lawson D’Ath.