Town and Country to crack down on illegal Advancements

January 20, 2018

Country Planning Division and the Town plans to crack down on folks building properties that are in contravention of its standards and regulations.

This, as massive flooding affected regions following heavy rainfall across Trinidad over the past couple of days.  

TCPD manager Clyde Watche noticed that qualities in regions don’t meet with the standards of the TCPD.

He explained the TCPD is currently trying to curb this practice but has faced challenges.

“We do have unauthorised developments. You see them all. Every one of these things happen and we are attempting to bargain with them. The mechanisms we have to bargain with them have not worked as well as we would have enjoyed.”

TCPD Assistant Director Kerry Pariag said the organisation may have to prohibit development in certain areas.  

“The decision making would be to either retract or change the land use policies in the regions most susceptible to these hazards, where individuals prohibit urban development in these spaces.”

Pariag encouraged members of the public to return and report cases of unauthorised development taking place so the TCPD can react if it’s through legal proceeding or demolition.  

Watche said as additional police agencies need to become involved coping with development isn’t the responsibility of the TCPD.  

Minister of Development Camille Robinson-Regis and Planning mentioned that unauthorised development contributes to the flood problems.

“The Ministry through TCPD has come to be very conscious that there’s been a high degree of unauthorized growth in flood-prone regions throughout Trinidad and Tobago as well as hillside development,” she explained.

Robinson-Regis reported this may be handled in the future.

“This action has been tracked by the TCPD and some resolve will be handled in the not too distant future.   It’s TCPD’s guiding principles and as diligent planners to always ensure that security, adequacy, efficiency and organic balance is kept between the environment and human existence. None-the-less the present weather related occurrences involve much more astute clarity and actions for requirements in planning and planning procedures to be stuck.”

Many Town & Country residents want the city to change method of controlling deer population

January 19, 2018

TOWN AND COUNTRY, MO (KTVI) — New protests within an old problem in Town and Country  on the best way to reduce the profound population.

For six years Country and Town has been utilizing the process of shooting deer to reduce the population.

Some residents wish to remind their aldermen that they want that method altered.

Before the Board of Alderman meeting started, worried residents stood out of city hall with candles and signs.

They believe that the town’s way of shooting to reduce the population isn’t the most effective.

The team said according to wildlife experts, murdering a large collection of deer at once actually speeds up their breeding rate.

Former alderman Al Gerber stated the city is spending about $100,000 a year on shooting and each year they have to shoot more and longer.

Gerber stated the group would like the city to purge the deer instead, which might be initially more expensive but could spend less in the long run.

“It is about twice as costly to perform the sterilization but once you sterilize a deer it does not have those fawns and you save that money for the next 15 years,” said Gerber.

Board of Alderman President Jump Mange reported every year they seem at the sterilization method, but now science is conflicted about if it actually works in the long run.

Mange stated they have one more week left of sharp shooting and they hope to shoot 120 deer this season.

He also stated that each of the deer are butchered and the meat is donated to shelters.